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Omni channel digital engagement

Is your customer service is related to FAQ sections that takes vast amount of time to offer solution. With out of the box CRM solution it is remarkably easy to offer personalized user experience in the customer preferred social media channel Facebook, Instagram,twitter even whatsApp.


Reduce cost overhead by
ticket generation

Use CRM to eliminate manual process and fact checking before responding to customers. We offer a solution to generate a ticket from any social media channel even Facebook posts and tweets enabling agent to respond to them instantly right from your help desk!

Improved performance

Prioritize and Filter out the important set of data according to customers credibility enabling your business to improve efficiency while focusing on the relevant data instead of analyzing clutter. Now Reaching your business goals is relatively hassle free with smart usage of social CRM.

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Customers and employee satisfaction

Happy employees will serve happily to customers thus building a great customer engagement leaving them satisfied and happy. The social CRM ease the process of for agents to resolve customer queries by saving them time . They are notified whenever any ticket is raised which reduces the hassle of manual intervention. It offers them to use any channel on a single platform to resolve customer queries quickly.

Build trust

Offer the solution within minutes to resolve customer queries and
keep them coming back for more services.

Offering greater customers satisfaction

Using seamless method of ticket generation, never miss out on any message in clutter

Expanding the horizon for customer engagement services

Broadening the range of channels on which we offer solutions extending from public social media channels such as Facebook , Instagram ,professional channels such as linked in to private social media channel WhatsApp , messenger, wechat on single platform!

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Get relevant news on a single keystroke of a keyword.

Integrated information on single platform

Gather all information from various E-News and social media in one place .News fetcher help to Strategise, plan and control your business growth by getting actionable insights on vast set of data to make decisions.

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Personalized monitoring

Diligent analysis of data to offer only relevant information to user, saving them time and increased productivity. News fetcher monitor ,collect and analyze news from social media to give holistic understanding of audience. Get statistics of likes and choices of audience within minutes.

Winning strategies

Stay alert and updated with change in customer demands which might impact your business. News fetcher helps to extract latest news, daily briefs and latest trends to preserve your position in marketplace . Fool proof your business by gaining new customers and retaining old ones in changeable times.

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Use data swiftly

News fetcher provides accurate information to remove your thirst of knowledge. It provides tools so that this valuable information can printed, downloaded and edited!!


News fetcher provides insights by keeping track of all post and performance on
all social media channels.

Phenomenal researcher tool

Allowing you to find out the latest trends .

News fetcher helps you build engagement decisions like which platform to use, which group of users should recieve advertising or mail.

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