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Fasten the response time to your customers query and save considerable time. Chatbot improves interaction with clients by instantly responding to solve simple task and forward the request to customer support representative to solve complex queries for which human intervention is required.Use this powerful AI program to build customer loyalty and strengthen relationship with them.

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Ticket Generation

Resolve the queries of customer in real time by generating tickets from different social media channels. We offer a solution to prioritise and solve the customers query base on a particular parameter in their preferred social media channel itself. Automate and manage ticket generation process for a user centric growth in your business.

Statistical model analysis

Get the deep insights on the data by using deep learning method to monitor collect and extract relevant information. We analyse the huge data across all media channel to give a brief statistical analysis on the given data so that you can make a well informed decision. Analysis of trends and data on daily basis keeps you updated with latest customers preferences and staying ahead in the Market.

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